steamcmd Docker/podman container based on Fedora 35
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Extended version of CM2Walki/steamcmd

Based on Fedora 35, a newer/more familiar OS (for me). Runs steamcmd once on build to update the client from the archive. No other notable changes.

Some bootstrap utilities left around for convenience (wget, less, find), at the cost of size. That is not a priority for this image, nearing 500MB.

A wrapper script (/usr/local/bin/steamcmd) has been provided in the image to make steamcmd slightly more accessible.

Fedora-driven tweaks

dnf has been tweaked slightly to improve speed/reduce needless resource usage.

  • max_parallel_downloads: Set to the (current) limit of 20, more packages fetched at once.
  • fastestmirror: Contrary to what the name implies, it's not always fastest. This measures latency; not bandwidth.
  • deltarpm: No old packages will exist to diff, so save the CPU cycles